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A house with two cats makes quilting interesting, click on the button above to see their antics while Mom is trying to quilt.

The Quilting Process

The quilting process, choosing the pattern, the fabrics, thread color, quilting pattern, and binding, all come together to create the final product.

Click on the button below to see the options and thought process of choosing the pattern, fabrics, thread, and quilting pattern to make a masterpiece of your own.

My quilting journey

Close to 10 years ago my best friend wanted to make a quilt from her children’s baby clothes, and as usual, I decided to join in on the fun.  A girl’s weekend away later, I had a quilt from my son’s baby clothes, and I was hooked.  The first couple of years were “t-shirt quilts” made from baby clothes and larger t-shirt/sweatshirts, also referred to as memory quilts.  Once I mastered the t-shirt quilts, the easy “stitch-in-th-ditch” quilting, and inside-out binding, I moved on to making quilt tops from patterns, learning how to “free-motion” quilt, and adding binding with “invisible” stitches.  I started making my own stencils to use for the free-motion quilting, in fact, my wonderful husband bought me a Circut to save my hands and fingers during the stencil making process.  Though I enjoy the free motion quilting, occasionally I have enjoyed using my best friends Long Arm for the quilting part.