Oh, the joys of Cats!

Simba, my cuddlebug

Simba is my baby, he requires cuddling everyday and when he has had enough of me working in my sewing room, he just inserts himself into whatever I am doing.  Whether in my lap or on my machine (as seen in the picture), when he wants attention, he demands it now.  He is lucky he is so darn cute, and he knows I cannot resist him and his charm.

Smokey Ember (SE), my not-so-cuddly cat

SE has an attitude, he does what he wants, when he wants, and only shows affection when he feels his feed bowl is getting too low.  But he cannot resist my sewing projects, he MUST lay on whatever I am making.  This table runner wasn’t on the table 5 minutes before he had to come check out how comfortable it would be for his napping pleasure.

Simba's need for attention

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SE and his need to insert himself into the project

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Simba and SE together in their antics

Prissy, my beautiful baby girl, joined me in my sewing journey when I was just getting started

It's not just my cats! Other kitties joining in on the fun while sewing.