T-shirt Memory Quilts

My First quilts, made from my son's baby clothes

My very first quilt!  It was definitely a learning experience, one that got me started on an amazing journey.  I have learned so much from where I started almost 10 years ago.  There is not a square square anywhere on this quilt, But it is still my favorite, imperfections and all.

Made from the same fabrics as my first quilt, I made this one to commemorate my mother-in-laws first grandchild (with my son’s baby clothes).  Slightly better squares, but still before I knew about interfacing, to deal with the stretchiness of the fabrics I was using.

Memory quilts made for lost loved ones

Memory Quilts are hard, especially when you know the person who has passed or the person(s) who are receiving the quilt.  Cutting up their clothes is so incredibly emotional, knowing that they used to where those shirts (or visually remembering the time you saw them wear a specific shirt or outfit).  I have been entrusted three times to create quilts from a loved ones clothes, for a niece that passed too young, for my brother, and a friend of my moms.  I know that the quilts I made brought comfort to those they were made for, a gift to me and them.

T-shirt Quilts to commemorate times in life

High School T-shirts
High School T-shirts
High School T-shirts
A little of everything
Quilt from all of the Grandkids clothes
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T-shirt quilts are a great way to remember different times in your life.  I have had the pleasure to make three t-shirt quilts for my cousin’s children, commemorating their high school activities.  And the fourth quilt, I was finally able to talk my husband into letting me use some of his MANY t-shirts to make a quilt.  He didn’t want to part with the shirts, this was our compromise!  I was able to use shirts from his college days, places we have been, and activities we have done with our son, so his covers quite the span of years.