Other Projects related to Quilting

(but nothing to do with clothes, cause that is NOT my thing)

Table Toppers

I have a round dining table and the table runners just didn’t work well on it.  But the table toppers, they are super cute on the table and I have something decorative to put out at different times of the year (though clearly I need to work on a few more).  

Table Runners

Making quilts is incredibly time consuming and sometimes you want to try a new top pattern without making a whole quilt.  Table runners are a fun way to try a new pattern and still have a useable item.  

Pillows and chair runners

I made a set of matching pillows to go with the family tree quilt I made for my Grandmother, way back in the beginning of my quilting adventure.  And of course my son decided he needed a matching pillow to go with the superhero quilt I made him.  The chair runners were made to help preserve the leather recliner, function and decoration.  I made the pillows to match because I had extra fabric though they have been used as much as the runners at this point.

Masks (because COVID)

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, masks were hard to come by, especially in the prison my husband works at.  He didn’t like the ear loops on the masks they were provided and asked me to make him a couple with ties instead of the loops.  By the end of 8 weeks working on making masks I had made close to 100 masks for him and many of his co-workers (not bad considering I also have a full time job).  Once kids were allowed back to school they also had to wear masks so I made a few fun ones to make it a litter better for a niece and nephew that requested them.